Leticia Boughton Price

By: Zizi Phillips

March was Women’s history month. It’s an opportunity to learn, highlight, and celebrate great contributions from women.

Leticia Boughton Price, (she/her/hers) is currently the Senior Supportive Services Coordinator for CCHE. She works across departments to help meet resource and referral needs for clients.  . She works to alleviate barriers to care, commonly working with people at risk for or living with HIV/AIDS.. Leticia works closely with our partner agency, Howard Brown Health, to help pilot the “Resource + ” program, which helps engage and retain clients living with HIV/AIDS who are virally unsuppressed and living with a substance use disorder or mental health diagnosis.  When a client is first connected with Leticia, she addresses the need that brought them in, but also seeks to connect with them to learn their story and how to support them on their journey.    One thing Leticia wonders about is, if clients basic needs are met, would that allow them a better opportunity to manage their health needs? It takes a village and more; if we don’t have services available on-site, Leticia is able to connect the client to a partner organization that’ll help the client meet a need and stay engaged in care so they can continue to work towards their goals.

Leticia extends herself to support coworkers that are in need of emotional support as well. She is a comforting force and mentor to clients and even some coworkers when in crisis or to hold a space to debrief. Leticia is empathic and believes that her empathy is what invigorates her desire to help others.

Learning is a lifelong process, Leticia is constantly learning more about the systems that effect our clients and how they interact with each other. Leticia works on building supportive policies and challenging difficult ones that act as barriers impeding the general livelihood of Black and Brown people. 25 years ago Leticia joined AmeriCorps, where she learned the formal process to helping those impacted by the social determinants of health and the effect on a person’s livelihood . Leticia learned about politics through her work with the South Side Healthcare Consortium.  Through this work, she has even advocated for some healthcare laws to be passed. Leticia has Bachelor’s in Science and later got a Master’s in Social Work. She explains, “When You love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.” When working on her Master’s she met Jessi Dehlin(CCHE’s Associate director of Administration); Jessi was Leticia’s practicum supervisor and they kept in touch and later offered a position to join CCHE.  Leticia connected with the CCHE’s values and mission and has proved to be a caring force within the work. Leticia would like to connect all platforms that help struggling clients through social work, she is hopeful that the work of advocacy will elevate continuously.

I am looking to open up a therapy/counseling practice to help youth and families navigate this journey of life and be their best self.”  Leticia’s helper role is informed by her own experiences and God’s plan for her life.  She ensures that each individual she works with has someone in their corner.  A “You can do it” goes a long way. Resilient people inspire Leticia; . Leticia enjoys music with uplifting messages, camping, skating, skiing/snowboarding and being with loved ones and her dog’s Chi-Chi and Domino.