Spot Light: Mekiye
By Zizi Phillips

This month’s spotlight will be featuring my (Zizi) nephew, Mekiye. Their recent coming out and resilience all around as a young person was honorable of mentioning. Mekiye pronouns are they/them and he/him. He also identifies as Bisexual. Mekiye is fourteen years old and has recently came out as a trans. He is battling with having his mother accept his new pronoun and name, but does an amazing job of correcting his mother when the wrong name and pronouns are used. Overall, their mother was supportive and accepting to how Mekiye felt. Mekiye is interested in software building and Anime. Mekiye envisions themselves as a game developer of software mechanics in the future. Mekiye is excited about graduating the eighth grade and starting a gay straight alliance for their eight grade class. Recently, Mekiye has received the great news of being accepted to CHA Arts and Motion school. Mekiye hopes is to make friends who are artistic and also into Anime. Mekiye has also developed a liking for theatre production. He wants to expand this passion into actually being an actor in the future. Mekiya is doing a great job of advocating not just for himself as a Trans individual, but also for everyone who experiences exclusion. “I want to speak up for everybody who gets bullied like how you (Zizi) always told me to”. Fighting for tolerance and equality for all is very important to Mekiye. He would like for everyone to be loved and accepted, no matter what; He feels that everyone deserves to be loved and validated. “The thing that needs changing is judgement”. Mekiye felt encouraged to come out as Trans because he know that his mother will love him no matter what. Initially Mekiye was unsure of how his mom would receive the news , “I didn’t want her (his mother) to be ashamed of me, but I knew she would love me no matter what. I was surprised that she let me dressed the way I wanted because she always wanted me to wear purses and really girly clothes, and that’s just not me”. Mekiye was asked about his biggest inspirations in life. “My mom inspires me because she does so much and she is a single parent, my aunt (Zizi) inspires me because she is smart and is so fearless”. Mekiye is at peace with music, their favorite artist was XXX, Juice World, and Travis Scott. When asked why did He chose these artists to be favorite, their response was really profound. “They turn pain and hard times into art, they make kids feel like they are not alone and its okay to go through stuff as long as you work to make things better, that’s all that matters; not what you going through but how you get through it.” I am so proud and honored of being related to this amazing young person. I cannot wait to see how amazing his life is going to be. I) am going to be guiding him as much as allowed through this process of Mekiye walking in his truth. Mekiye’s next steps are getting placed on hormone blockers, and really excited with the idea of starting HRT. Admitedly, I am nervous about this HRT process for Mekiye, although his readiness is invigorating me but being of trans experience myself, I want Mekiye to be sure about HRT, and fully understands the risk and benefits of medically transitioning.