News - CCHE’s New Logo

CCHE's new logo

June 16, 2014

During the past two months we have been searching for a perfect logo that represents who we are and what we hope to accomplish. With the help of 99designs, a website that connects businesses, agencies, and individuals with graphic designers across the world, we were able to share our hopes for the logo and have the designers take over. We received hundreds of great designs, but ultimately decided to go with the tree-like design featured on our page. We found this image to be a powerful representation of the network science that is at the core of all of our research at CCHE. The green node in particular depicts the importance of bridges within networks. Bridges are important nodes for disease transmission, but are also important brokers of information across groups that are otherwise not connected. This is our hope and our mission for our work at CCHE. The designer of our logo summed up her own inspiration for this image beautifully. She shared with us that  she "used the tree concept to represent 'life, strength, courage, and protection' which in some way, people who have been diagnosed with HIV need in order to feel encouraged to live and fight for their lives or to encourage someone else to get tested". We thought that this, coupled with the clear connection to network science, made this a perfect logo for CCHE. 

We'd love to hear what you think. Please feel free to email Rebecca Eavou with any comments or questions.