Students & Trainees

Sophia Davis, LCSW Candidate

Sophia is a social work intern at CCHE and the University of Chicago Medicine Adult Infectious Disease clinic. Sophia is completing a Master’s in Social Work, with a clinical concentration, at the University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration. At CCHE, Sophia works on planning and staffing P.O.P. and will be facilitating a support group for LGBTQ young adults of color. Prior to graduate school, Sophia worked in public health communications and marketing on campaigns to improve HIV prevention and care, sexual health, LGBTQ and minority health. Sophia also sat on the boards of Students Active for Ending Rape and QUEEROCRACY.

Aditya Khanna, MS, PhD

Aditya is a computational epidemiologist and statistician, and is interested in combining data and mathematical and statistical models to understand infectious disease dynamics and prevention mechanisms. He works on assessing the applicability of models and modeling frameworks, and the epidemiological, demographic and public health implications of such computational and modeling work. Aditya completed his PhD in Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management (QERM), and MS degrees in Statistics and QERM at the University of Washington (UW). His prior work has involved network modeling of HIV transmission dynamics in several populations: circular migrants, pregnant women, serodiscordant couples in various regions of Africa, and men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States. He has been a part of the Network Modeling Group at the UW, and worked in the Internantional Clinical Research Center in UW's Department of Global Health. While in Seattle, he also volunteered for the Shanti program, which provided emotional support to individuals with HIV and other terminal illnesses. More professional details are available here.

Cindy Mongrain, MDiv, AM Candidate

Social Service Clinical Intern, PrEP Retention (CPR) program.

Cindy worked for 10 years in community mental health coordinating and providing case management services to homeless and housed adults living with serious and persistent mental illness. She is currently completing her Master's of Social Work at the University of Chicago School of Social Services Administration.

Shirish Poudyal, MD Candidate

Shirish is a Pritzker School of Medicine student interested in global health.  He is currently working on a project examining how skin color is related to network positions among a group of Indian men who have sex with men in South India.

Santhoshini Ramani, BS Candidate

Santhoshini is an undergraduate at the University of Chicago who is studying biology and is interested in public health and community based research. Santhoshini had been working as the HIV FOCUS project intern conducting post-test counseling with HIV negative patients, and is currently transitioning to helping out with a few different projects at CCHE including the PrEP Chicago project.

Tim Walsh, MD Candidate

Tim is a medical student at Florida State University College of Medicine.  As an undergraduate at University of Chicago, Tim first met Dr. Schneider in 2009.  During this time, Tim began work as a volunteer on a pilot study that explored patterns of HIV prevention service utilization and went on to write his senior honor’s thesis on this project with Dr. Schneider as his mentor.  After graduating from the University of Chicago in 2011, Tim taught 9th grade Biology at Johnson College Prep on Chicago’s south side for two years with Teach For America.  Tim then returned to CCHE where he worked on a variety of projects including Project nGage, the Transmission Reduction Intervention Project, and PrEP Chicago.  As a medical student, funding from the HIVMA Medical Student Program enable Tim to explore goal-setting in PrEP Chicago.  Tim is interested in a career as an Infectious Disease physician and is thrilled to continue to be a part of the team at the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination.

Lindsay Young, PhD

Lindsay is a Postdoctoral Scholar. Her work examines the roles played by communication networks in bringing attention to and solving important social problems, particularly within marginalized and hard to reach communities.  Specifically, Lindsay’s research underscores three crucial roles that communication networks play toward affecting social and behavioral changes: (1) networks as diffusion mechanisms through which innovative ideas and practices spread, (2) networks as systems of social and emotional support to be leveraged during the change process, and (3) networks as means and outcomes of mobilization strategies to affect change at the institutional level.  Other relevant research interests include civil society organizations, community development and well-being, social capital, and collective action dynamics. Prior to joining the CCHE research team, Lindsay was a doctoral student at Northwestern University in the Media, Technology, and Society Program, where she was a member of the Science of Networks in Communities (SONIC) Research Lab.  There, she managed two projects that explored the network contexts of collective action around environmental sustainability issues.  She completed her Doctoral degree in August 2014.