Pritzker medical student, Ryan Judd, presents his research to CCHE Data Analyst, Rodal Issema. Ryan is mentored by CCHE's Director of Predictive Analytics, Dr. Jessica Ridgway. Photo Credit

We have developed our programmatic and research agenda in HIV transmission elimination through strong collaborations across the University of Chicago and other academic and community partners.  Within the Biological Sciences Division, we have close working relationships with pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, emergency medicine, dermatology and surgery.  We also have research relationships with the Harris School, Booth School of Business, the Department of Sociology, Comparative Human Development, the National Opinion Research Center and the Committee on South Asian Studies.  We are also part of several initiatives led by the office of the President that include HIV elimination activities: the SSA STD and HIV Intervention network (SHINE), Center for the study of Gender and Sexuality, the China Center in Beijing and the India Center in Delhi.

The Expanded HIV Testing Initiative

The Expanded HIV Testing and Linkage to Care Program (xTLC) institutes routine testing programs in disproportionately affected populations in Chicago. We collaborate with community-based organizations and hospitals to ensure that HIV testing and subsequent linkage to care becomes a standard and unstigmatized part of health care.