Wuhan University

Wuhan's historic Yellow Crane Tower. Photo credit.

The Wuhan University Medical Education Reform Project is a university-wide initiative that started in 2008. Led by Renslow Sherer and the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health, the project provides technical assistance to Wuhan University for comprehensive reform of their medical education curriculum and methodology, with a special emphasis on infectious diseases and public health. Current faculty and fellow opportunities exist for exchanges for clinical care, training and mentoring, and operational research in infectious disease prevention and treatment and in medical education reform practices and outcomes.

Here's a 2010 program update from Dr. Sherer from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine journal, the Pritzker Pulse. 

In 2011, Dr. Sherer was given the Hubei Province Chime Bell Award for his contributions to medical education in the region. 

The Expanded HIV Testing Initiative

The Expanded HIV Testing and Linkage to Care Program (xTLC) institutes routine testing programs in disproportionately affected populations in Chicago. We collaborate with community-based organizations and hospitals to ensure that HIV testing and subsequent linkage to care becomes a standard and unstigmatized part of health care.