Transmission Reduction Intervention Project (TRIP)

Chicago; Kiev; Athens

TRIP is an innovative multi-city initiative that targets individuals and members of their social networks who are at heightened risk of HIV infection to prevent or treat transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. This intervention uses powerful treatment as prevention by identifying and treating newly infected persons rapidly post-infection. The study will locate newly or acutely infected community members and employ contact tracing and community alerts, so that individuals with an untreated infection can exercise special caution with sex or injection drug use partners during a period of heightened risk. TRIP seeks to provide a protocol that can benefit the distinct but sometimes overlapping risk groups of injection drug users, non-injection drug users, and men who have sex with men. The study takes place in three urban centers that have large HIV epidemics: Odessa, Ukraine; Athens, Greece; and Chicago, USA. For more information contact Billy Davis.

The Expanded HIV Testing Initiative

The Expanded HIV Testing and Linkage to Care Program (xTLC) institutes routine testing programs in disproportionately affected populations in Chicago. We collaborate with community-based organizations and hospitals to ensure that HIV testing and subsequent linkage to care becomes a standard and unstigmatized part of health care.