Clinical Services

Part of the Medicine Man series by Daniel Goldstein.

Expansion of our HIV related work has been successful on many levels. This has been a successful enterprise with respect to quality of care, HIV prevention and our ability to offer comprehensive services to our patients with HIV infection.  This includes supporting the efforts of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and Obstetrics and their program for prevention of vertical transmission – the first foundational pillar in HIV elimination.

Our group also has an outstanding clinical reputation.  Individual patients with complex management issues are discussed by a group of experienced providers and consensus recommendations are made.  This is how subspecialty care should be accomplished.  We are able to care for underinsured patients through additional funding for our clinical care through Ryan White funding, funding for our HIV screening and linkage to care program and by the placement of HIV providers at a community level Federally Qualified Health Center through the Urban Health Initiative. We have dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to the cause of eliminating HIV/AIDS.

Our physicians see adult and adolescent patients at the Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine (DCAM) at the University of Chicago and at the Howard Brown Health on 55th clinic.  To schedule an appointment at the DCAM clinic please call 773-834-1443.  To schedule an appointment at the Howard Brown Health on 55th clinic, please call 773-388-1600.  For patients under 13 years of age, please call the Section of Infectious Diseases within the Department of Pediatrics at 773-702-3853.

The Expanded HIV Testing Initiative

The Expanded HIV Testing and Linkage to Care Program (xTLC) institutes routine testing programs in disproportionately affected populations in Chicago. We collaborate with community-based organizations and hospitals to ensure that HIV testing and subsequent linkage to care becomes a standard and unstigmatized part of health care.