Connect Health

A sexual health clinic provided by The University of Chicago Medicine and the section of Infectious Diseases & Global Health

Connect Health focuses on the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Our providers are trained to provide medical care and support to gay, same gender loving, and bisexual adolecent and adult males, as well as transgender women and transfeminine people. We specialize in helping people access cutting edge prevention and treatment options, and will work with you to choose the strategies that best fit your needs, strengths, and goals. We also offer a full range of hormone therapy and comprehensive anal care.

Available Services:

> PrEP


> HIV Testing & Care

> STI Screening & Treatment (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Herpes, Hepatitis B & C)

> Comprehensive Anal Care

> Hormone Therapy

The Sexual Health Clinic does not provide contraceptive care, pregnancy screening, marital exams, routine gynecological care, or other primary care. Please contact the Women's Health Clinic for these types of appointments.

For any questions please contact Andrew Richardson, APN at (773) 834-3561 or John Schneider, MD, MPH at (773) 702-8349.