Today and every day forward CCHE is committed to joining in the fight against hatred and injustice.
The subjugation and abuse of Black bodies is deeply ingrained in every institution of this country and is experienced daily by the Black community.
We know that there are thousands of individuals like Tony McDade, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, Philando Castile, Natasha McKenna, Ezell Ford, Trayvon Martin, and Emmett Till who have been murdered at the hands of the police and whose names will never be spoken nor brought to justice. We will say their names and hold up their memories.
We will work to dismantle systems that many of us within our institution benefit from, and we will continue our work to eliminate the barriers our Black LGBQ and TGNC communities face.

Click “Black Lives Matter” for tangible next steps.

Staff Spotlight : Rey Flores

“You’re not going to be perfect, nobody’s going to be perfect.”

Staff Spotlight : Anu Hazra

“Being anti-racist is a very active stance to take” Anu says. It’s asking yourself to breakdown and challenge your understanding of race and ethnicity. How do you engage and interact with the world with an anti-racist lens? Anu says “It’s not easy”.

Staff Spotlight : Britt Hodgdon

“How do we help people who have been so hurt by systems, impacted by systems that traumatize, and systems that introduce people to other traumas?”

May Spotlight : Zanariah (Zizi) Phillips

“My calling is to work within my community and for my community, because I see how normal it is for us to be stigmatized and outcasted just for existing.” Zanariah (Zizi) Phillips (she/her & they/them) proclaims while sharing her story of how she arrived at CCHE.

November Spotlight : Karen Lee

The gratitude we have for the little things we do will help us not take any semblance of regular life for granted after the pandemic. “We should appreciate the small things” Karen says. They aren’t guaranteed.

October Spotlight : Patricia Braboy

“I want and I hope that I can be there for somebody even if I don’t know them.”. Patricia has been a face of positivity in every role she occupies…

September Spotlight : Linda Walsh PEDS

“I think that are is the blessing of the long-term nature of our relationship in my experience has been the most rewarding for me.”

August Spotlight : Joel Jackson

“Not everybody is on the same level when it comes to issues of Oppression.”
“every individual has their own way of making sense of the world.”

July Spotlight : Lindsey Wesley-Madgett, UC-PACT

“…I had a big village, and that village never allowed anything to happen to me.”

June Spotlight : Rebecca Eavou, The Village

“I’m gonna find a way to both take care of my client and take care of myself.” 

Community Spotlight : Honoring Long Time Survivors of HIV

” I don’t even recall how I found The Village, but I am forever grateful!”

Community Spotlight : Bonsai

” I don’t even recall how I found The Village, but I am forever grateful!”

October Community Spotlight : Tynetta Hill-Mohammad

They continue by explaining that this can look like fighting for police abolition and the abolishment of prisons, while also “understand[ing]  that we have to like dismantle these systems that are funneled and fueled so much by the money that we create as through capitalism right off and then disseminating it across the board.”

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