COVID-19 Update for The Village @ CCHE
(Updated November 18, 2020)
To continue our commitment to the communities we serve, CCHE’s The Village located at 1525 E. 55th St. Suite 205 will be open by appointment only Monday to Friday from 10am until 5 pm.
The following services are being offered on site and remotely by appointment only: HIV and STI testing, COVID-19 testing, Resource Counseling, research participation.
In Alignment with stage 3 of the Governor’s strategy, The Village can only allow a limited number of people in our space at a time. Masks required and should be worn correctly (over the nose and mouth) at all times when in the space. Visitors will also be asked to complete a symptom survey and take their temperature when entering The Village. The Village is operating on an appointment-bases only. In addition to our in-person efforts, we have a COVID-19 hotline that is staffed to help direct you to resources and scheduling as needed: 708-872-5395
Holiday hours for The Village @ CCHE
The Village will be closed during the holidays from 12/21/20-1/1/21 and will reopen for full services and research on 1/4/21. Please leave a message at our front desk if you have any questions during this time. All messages will be checked on 1/4/21.


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CCHE seeks to eliminate new HIV transmission events over the next 30 years (from 2011 to 2041) by using network science to target and integrate prevention as well as create structural and community-specific interventions.

November Spotlight : Karen Lee

The gratitude we have for the little things we do will help us not take any semblance of regular life for granted after the pandemic. “We should appreciate the small things” Karen says. They aren’t guaranteed.

October Spotlight : Patricia Braboy

“I want and I hope that I can be there for somebody even if I don’t know them.”. Patricia has been a face of positivity in every role she occupies…

September Spotlight : Linda Walsh PEDS

“I think that are is the blessing of the long-term nature of our relationship in my experience has been the most rewarding for me.”

August Spotlight : Joel Jackson

“Not everybody is on the same level when it comes to issues of Oppression.”
“every individual has their own way of making sense of the world.”

July Spotlight : Lindsey Wesley-Madgett, UC-PACT

“…I had a big village, and that village never allowed anything to happen to me.”

June Spotlight : Rebecca Eavou, The Village

“I’m gonna find a way to both take care of my client and take care of myself.” 

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