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Recent analysis shows that Chicago’s South side Black communities are facing an extraordinary vulnerability to COVID-19. Young, Black GBQ men and TGNC individuals who have sex residing on Chicago’s south side may still have to be out of their homes because of the structural barriers they face1; putting our population at higher risk for the COVID-19 pandemic from a mobility perspective. Those who are immunocompromised and/or have barriers to food and medication access are at higher risk for acquiring COVID-192. In response, we are able to offer a range of creative options that best suits the individual needs of the participant within their environmental context, that will lead to immediate impact. Your investments in these communities is important now more than ever because of this. CCHE is addressing the systemic barriers that the Black LGBQ and TGNC communities face and we need support to bring more creative supportive services to fruition. CCHE seeks to eliminate new HIV transmission events over the next 30 years (from 2011 to 2041) by using network science to target and integrate prevention as well as create structural and community-specific interventions. Every dollar counts! If you would like to support the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination please click the link below and consider donating! DONATE .