Here is a list of mental health services offered at the Village:

Wellness Wednesday: 

Wellness Wednesday stems from our “Level Up” employment programming that offers assistance such as in resume writing. Wellness Wednesday is

a mental wellness program that focuses on supporting participants by providing a mindfulness curriculum centering creativity; painting, poetry, music, movement, self massage, and other self care modalities are offered at no cost. Wellness Wednesdays occur every Wednesday via Zoom, from 4:30 – . If you are interested in Wellness Wednesdays, contact


The Village offers access to mental health services including individual and group therapy as well wellness checks with our nurse practitioner to see if medication might be helpful to support you in your goals of feeling better. All of our approaches to treatment have good evidence for helping folks feel better, and often the combination can be the most helpful.
Studies have shown that many medicines used for various mental health conditions such as depression or bipolar can actually reduce the breakdown of brain tissue that occurs with these conditions over time. We have seen through brain scans that persons’ brains actually grown over the course of years when treated with these type of medications. And we have seen the best evidence for this when we combine therapy and medication in a holistic approach.
Many people worry about medications changing them, or making them become dependent on it. However, most of the medications we use in mental wellness today actually do the opposite. They help the brain get back to better functioning, and may not be needed long term for all conditions. Sessions are conducted via Zoom by appointment or visit drop-in hours Wednesdays 5-6pm on Facebook room.  If you are interested in psychiatry contact

Virtual Counseling: 

Virtual Counseling was created in order to meet community members where they are in mental wellness engagement. Not having to come into a physical address barriers and initial hesitation or concerns those who are new to counseling may have, because you get to do it wherever you are most comfortable. This can include 1:1 sessions over the phone or a HIPAA-compliant video-chat software, such as Zoom or Facetime. The only requirement is that you have a quiet space to talk privately, and a good telephone or internet connection. If you are interested in virtual counseling, contact