CCHE Recharge Center


The CCHE Biostatistics Department is within the Chicago Center for HIV Elimination (CCHE) of the Biological Sciences Division are able to support study design, sample size calculations, development of analytic plans for abstract or manuscript development, and/or data analysis. A more detailed list below summarizes the type of services we support. We provide consultation and data collection and management services for clients both internal and external to the University. Our rates are calculated to reasonably offset all of our operating expenses on an annual basis. In other words, we calculate our rates to “break even” so that there is no significant profit or loss as a result of charging users for services provided on an annual basis. 

Hourly pricing rates are as follows: 

Qualitatative Services – $106.74

Quantitative Services – $147.70

If you are interested, please submit a request here.


Information we would need:

· Study Title

· IRB # (if applicable)

· Funder (e.g. NIH, CDC, etc.)

· Type of Data

· Biobehavioral/Survey data

· Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data

· Network survey data

· Qualitative data

· Type of support needed (please see list below)


Summary of Quantitative services:


· Sample size and power calculation

· Study Design consultation

· Sampling and Recruitment Methods


Data Collection

· Project set up and survey design in REDCap

· Survey instrument development

· Developing QC/QA procedures and data management


Data Analysis

· Traditional statistical modeling (ANOVA, logistic regression, multivariate modeling)

· Longitudinal analysis (hierarchical/multilevel)

· Latent variable modeling

· Network analysis

· Predictive analytics