Sexual Wellness Clinic (SWC)

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HIV & STI Services
Chicago South Side area providers/clinics 

Howard Brown Health – (773) 388-1600 – – Call to schedule or visit any walk-in STI clinic location to talk about starting PrEP

Howard Brown Health 63rd St. 641 W. 63rd St. 
Chicago, IL 60621 

Howard Brown Health 55th St. 1525 E 55th St 
Chicago, IL 60637

Chicago Family Health  – (773) 978-8375

Wednesdays: CFHC Pullman, 570 E. 115th St.

Thursdays: CFHC South Chicago, 9119 S. Exchange Ave.

Fridays: CFHC Roseland, 120 W. 111th St.

Wednesdays & Fridays: CFHC Chicago Lawn, 3223 W. 63rd St. 
(10:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.)

–Friend Health – (773) 682-6110 –

–TCA Health, Inc. – (773) 995- 6300 –

University of Chicago Resources
  1. Sexual Wellness Clinic–  (866) 747-0074 – Leave your name and number and our team will contact you with a referral for care
  2. CCHE/The Village – (773) 834-2468 – Call and request HIV/STI testing or PrEP Navigation services
  3.  Care2Prevent – (773) 702-5872 – – – Call and request HIV/STI testing or PrEP Navigation services
  4. Trans Care Clinic To make an appointment with one of our physicians, call 1-888-824-0200 and ask for the Trans CARE clinic, or email us at
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CDC STI information –

The Body – Reliable websites with information  –  

Poz –

Joliet area providers/clinics -
Intimate partner violence

National Coalition of Sexual Health –  (existing materials to look at)  

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About the Sexual Wellness Clinic

The Sexual Wellness Clinic (SWC) is a collaborative program between the Emergency Department (ED) and Section of Infectious Diseases at the University of Chicago Medicine. The program helps patients who come to the ED with a primary complaint related to sexually transmitted infections (STI) to efficiently access comprehensive sexual health screening, treatment, counseling, and prevention services. Any patient coming to the ED during clinic hours can be seen in the SWC for a same-day-visit regardless of insurance status. Pregnant women, patients with acute behavioral health concerns, victims of sexual assault, and patients under 18 years old cannot be seen at the SWC and remain in the ED for treatment.

Potential SWC patients undergo a brief medical screening exam (MSE) by an ED physician to determine appropriateness for transfer to the clinic, and then the SWC Clinic Transport will meet the patient in the ED and accompany them to DCAM 5D. Once there, they will be evaluated by a physician or APN, appropriate tests and treatment will be ordered, and referral to community resources and clinics (if applicable) will be provided.

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