• On November 30th, the Chicago Center of HIV Elimination (CCHE) will be celebrating its 9th annual Paragon Ball co-hosted by the Legendary Mario Balenciaga. This event commemorates the 31st observance of World AIDS Day and honors House-Ball community members that are living with or have passed on from HIV/AIDS.

Paragon Ball showcases the unique talents of Chicago’s House-Ball community. Contestants compete on diverse categories or themes; Runway, Realness, Safe Sex, and Vouging. Each year this event unveils more creativity, passion, and innovation brought forth from this gifted and underserved community. During the event, we also provide information pertaining to HIV/STI prevention, linkage-to-care, and offer an opportunity for individuals to access STI and HIV testing services. Visit it’s Facebook page HERE.

Thank you to the generosity of these sponsors: