Community Spotlight: Mekylah

By Zizi Phillips

This month’s spotlight will be featuring my  niece Mekylah (they/ them). I thought that their recent coming out and all around resilience as a young person was honorable and worth mentioning to our team and broader community. Mekylah’s pronouns are they/them,hey identify as bi, and is fourteen years of age. Mekylah  came out as bi in August of 2021. When Mekylah came out to their mom it was unexpected, however, their mom was supportive and accepting to how Mekylah identified.

Mekylah is interested in software building and Anime. Mekylah envisions themselves as a game developer of software as their future career. Mekylah is excited about graduating the eighth grade and wants to start a gay-straight alliance for their eight grade class. They advocate for peers who are being bullied, and also for their aunt who is of trans experience. Fighting for tolerance and equality for all is very important to Mekylah. Mekylah would like for everyone to be loved and accepted; they feel that everyone deserves to be loved and validated.

The thing that needs changing is judgement.

Mekylah was afraid of coming out to their mom out of fear of disappointing her,

I didn’t want her to be ashamed of me, but I knew she would love me no matter what. I was surprised that she let me dressed the way I wanted because she always wanted me to wear purses and really girly clothes.

Mekylah was asked about their biggest inspirations in Life:

My mom inspires me because she does so much and she is a single parent. My aunt inspires me because she is smart and is so fearless.

Mekylah feels at peace with music, their favorite artist was XXX and Juice World. When asked why they choose these artists as their favorite, their response was really profound:

They turn pain and hard times into art; they make kids feel like they are not alone and it’s okay to go through stuff as long as you work to make things better; that’s all that matters, not what you are going through but how you get through it.

Mekylah is  only fourteen years old! I think Mekylah is so deserving for a spotlight, and teach so many of us that perspective is key to success. Mekylah will do amazing things in life, they are a true example of courage and strength.